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Hey community! We are still in the throws of building this business and are in our humble beginnings. We are not only a small family business, but a business with HUGE ambitions. Our goal isn't just to make good chocolate it's also to give back. We want to give back to our farmers, our community, our patrons, and the friends we make along the way.

With your help we can speed up the process a bit.

With the donations a few things can happen for us. We can leave the corporate world behind us and dedicate time to creating this unique and special business. Equipment and beans will be purchased and the most rewarding part, we will begin to add value to you our customers. In fact a special batch of chocolate will have to be made just for those who donate and other things we can think of throughout this journey.

Some notes; we are a for profit business. Yup, that means this will not be a tax deductible donation. The good news, it'll be a fulfilling donation and you'll sleep better knowing good chocolate is about to head your way...

Can't donate? No worries, we can't thank you enough for being part of this and even a message to us will be taken with open arms because you are awesome and make this business possible!

Thank you everyone for your support!!!