About Us

NOLA Cacao is a craft chocolate company created by two artists, Tiffany and Richard Dull, who share a common passion. NOLA crafts high quality chocolate while supporting cacao farmers and artists globally.

Tiffany, being raised in Old Metairie, is a typical NOLA girl. From singing “WHO DAT” on the news as a small child to hangin’ in The Quarter most weekends, NOLA is where she flourished. Tiffany had no shortage of local Broadways and beignets, despite having a single mother who was facing an array of obstacles. This instilled an enormous love of the arts and immense respect for her mother. As irony may have it, Tiffany never cared much for chocolate as a child. As her love grew for her future husband, her love for the sweet confection grew as well.

Tiffany, being a visionary, brings great value to the brand development of NOLA Cacao Co. By streamlining design ideas, seeking connection through networking opportunities, and a passion for marketing makes the craft viable.

Richard was born in the gorgeous state of Colorado. He is the self-taught chef of the family, partially inspired by being raised in a Korean household where the exotic aromas of bibimbap and kimchi were a bit of normalcy. He wanted to create something for people to be inspired by. Richard also excelled in the arts and cello at a younger age then moved on to the electric bass. Motivated by his love of arts and cooking is one of the reasons why he developed passion for this business. 

Richards a chocolate engineer of sorts and does an array of things in the studio that you would never think would be needed for chocolate making! He loves the photography side of the business and sketching out Tiff's ideas.

 After wedding in Jackson Square, they spent many years north of Lake Ponchartrain raising a family. Soon enough, they decided to pursue new things and packed up everything they owned, threw it into a U-Haul and headed up to Colorado. They set out on a new journey with three kids and a dog. NOLA's vision is to be as fully supportive as possible to farmers and artists while maintaining a high quality product for people to appreciate.