1) How are your beans sourced?

Our beans are sourced DIRECTLY from the farmers. Direct trade means there is no middle man so more money goes straight to the farmers. This ensures better quality of life for the farmers and their families. The difference between Fair Trade Certification and Direct Trade is their good intentions. Certifications have not been shown to create meaningful change in farmer income. Premiums typically go to co-ops, not farmers, adding bureaucracy and costs without improving farmer livelihoods. Existing certifications do not verify for quality or flavor, which does not help manufacturers produce great chocolate.

2) Are you organic certified?

Although we are not organic certified we do use organic certified sugars and certified organic beans whenever possible. The beans that are not certified are grown without chemical inputs and are usually on their way to becoming certified. We only use the highest quality cacao with true flavors natural to their origin.

3) What is Single Origin, Bean-To-Bar chocolate?

Single origin means creating a chocolate product from beans sourced from one farm, estate or co-op. Bean-To-Bar is referred to as making chocolate from the raw ingredients.

4) What is chocolate bloom?

Bloom will leave a dull, grainy and sometimes spotty appearance on the surface of the chocolate. There are two types of bloom, Sugar Bloom & Fat Bloom. Chocolate bloom does not make chocolate inedible, just unappealing to the eye.

6) Does your chocolate contain allergens?

Although we ensure our work space is absolutely clean before and after each use, there may be traces of common food allergens (nuts).

7) How do I store this unique chocolate?

A cool place, around 65 - 70 degrees, with a low relative humidity.

8) I see you have a new harvest for my favorite origin, where can I get your chocolate bar with my favorite harvest date?

A good question! Unfortunately, if you haven't stocked up on your favorite bar it will NEVER be available again! That's right, it WILL NOT be available ever again! This is due to mother nature at work, although the same quality farm and amazing farmers growing these (award winning) beans, every harvest is slightly different than the last. Don't worry though, the new harvests still have an incredible and unforgettable flavor.

9) Where do you get your images for your wrappers?

We are proud to say that we collaborate with artists for our wrappers. They are originally drawn and/or sketched by hand. We also draw some of our own, all of our images are inspired by our Louisiana roots.